Exhibitions by Dr Batsheva Goldman-Ida

Alchemy of Words:
Abraham Abulafia, Dada, Lettrism

Curator: Batsheva Goldman-Ida, PhD,

June 17, 2016 through November 19, 2020

Tel Aviv Museum of Art


The exhibition, marking the 100th anniversary of Dada, presents 60 works from public and private collections from Israel and abroad of Dada and Lettrist artworks, sound poems and video clips, and works associated with the medieval mystic Abraham Abulafia, who served as inspiration to the Lettrist leader Isidore Isou and the Dada-affiliated poet Yvan Goll.

The exhibiton and catalogue were made possible through the support of the David Berg Foundation, New York.

Naked Soul: Chaïm Soutine and Israeli Art

Curators: Batsheva Goldman-Ida, PhD, Suria Sadekova, Yaniv Shapira
November 9, 2019 through March 21, 2020

Mishkan Museum of Art Ein Harod, Israel

The exhibition “Naked Soul: Chaïm Soutine and Israeli Art” is centered on the work of Chaïm Soutine, one of the most prominent and influential artists active in the first half of the 20th century. Soutine settled down in Paris between the two world wars. Amedeo Modigliani became his close friend, and his social circle included Pablo Picasso, Max Jacob, Jean Cocteau, and Chana Orloff. Soutine, however, was unusual in his artistic quests, and his work cannot be ascribed to any movement or even group active in the French capital at the time. He drew his inspiration mainly from the Old Masters, and every painting he created—whether landscape, portrait, or still life—was concurrently perceived as a contemplation of life and death.
Soutine’s originality and his unique painterly language have made him a “painter’s painter,” a source of inspiration and a model to emulate for many artists in the following generations, who perceived his work as a paradigm of artistic commitment. The exhibition focuses on Soutine’s lasting impact, as shown in the works of three generations of Israeli art, with special emphasis on the paintings by Chaim Atar, the founder of Mishkan Museum of Art, Ein Harod. The participating artists represent a range of emotive values inspired by Soutine’s oeuvre. Some find inspiration in his themes—the portraits, landscapes, still life, slaughtered and dead animals; others are drawn to the materiality of the paint, the bold color applications and expressiveness; for others it is the bursting energy and gestural painting. Still, one may generalize by saying that the majority of the works selected for this show echo the “Soutine quality,” whose essence is vulnerability, anxiety, and a “naked soul.”
For the first time in fifty years, a body of works by Soutine is presented to the Israeli public, shedding new light on the relevance of his work to Israeli art, here and now.

Sponsored by:

Andrea Wine and Gershon Silbert, Israel, Wendy and Harry Kantor, USA, Tsila and Giora Yaron, Israel, Anonymous in honor of Monique Birenbaum, USA, Arkin Foundation, Israel, The Herschmann Family, USA, CBH Compagnie Bancaire Helvétique SA, Outset Contemporary Art Fund, RAMON–GRANIT / TOREN Marine Insurance Agents

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